Children's Speech Problems East Harlem

Children’s Speech Problems East Harlem

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Diagnosing and Treating Speech Problems in Children in East Harlem

Speech is an important part of human life. It is how we connect with others, how we communicate and how we get ideas and needs across. Children learn how to speak and communicate slowly during their young lives, but in general kids should be reaching milestones by certain ages. If your child is experiencing any difficulties, then Stacey Miller, SLP can help. When it comes to diagnosing children’s speech problems in East Harlem, Stacey Miller has the experience needed to determine the best course of care.

Stacey Miller, SLP has been providing speech, language and oral motor therapy for children of all ages in the Manhattan area for over seven years. She has years of experience when it comes to treating speech and learning disabilities and has extensive experience with sensory integration as well. Offering one-on-one treatment with each of her clients, Stacey provides completely personalized high-quality speech therapy services to kids ages 0 to 18. She offers a variety of therapies, but also offers treatment for children’s speech problems in East Harlem. Speech disorders generally include issues involved with the act of speaking, which may refer to speech sound errors (leaving out sounds in words and sentences), substitutions (using incorrect sounds instead of correct ones), distortions (lisps or whistles), or voice disorders that involve phonation problems, resonance issues or imbalance of sound, or stuttering. Treatment is most effective the earlier it is started, and Stacey Miller is here to help every step of the way. From the time your child is an early toddler to about preschool age, this is the critical period of language learning and strong speech habits have not quite solidified, so treatment is best when implemented around this time frame.

If your child is suffering from children’s speech problems in East Harlem, Stacey Miller, SLP can help your child get started on an effective therapy treatment plan.

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