Children’s Speech Therapist Manhattan

Children’s Speech Therapist Manhattan

If you are a parent of a child with a speech disorder, you know how heavy it can weigh on your heart to feel helpless. Our Manhattan children’s speech therapist helps put those worries to rest. Stacey Miller, licensed SLP has been working with and changing the lives of children for over seven years. Social pragmatic language disorder is one of the communication disorders that our speech-language therapist specializes in, amongst many others. Stacey Miller’s techniques have proven to be very effective, and works with you and your child to achieve incredible goals.

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Social pragmatic language disorder

Social pragmatic language/communication disorder (also known as SCD) is characterized by difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication. The oddity of the disorder that it cannot be explained by low cognitive ability, meaning your child may be otherwise healthy and intelligent, and still be struggling with SCD. Children with SCD often exhibit difficulty in the use of spoken and written language, as well as issues with inappropriate responses during conversations.

Our Visit Website understands how much SCD can affect your child. It limits communication, and can impact social relationships, academic performance, and more. That’s why we invest time and commitment to your child’s treatment. Your child is unique, so we customize treatment to each special case. Some of our services are individual therapy sessions, socialization groups, and parent/child music classes. Each different form of therapy targets different and specific needs.

If your child has social pragmatic language disorder, or any other communication disorder, we invite you to call our Visit Website, Stacey Miller, SLP at 646-525-4817. Getting the knowledge you need is your first step, and your child’s first leap, towards overcoming communication disorders, and leading a happier life.