East Harlem kids music classes

East Harlem Kids Music Classes

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Parents and me music classes in East Harlem

Speech therapy is more than just talking – speech therapy encompasses speech, language, cognitive-communication, and oral, feeding and swallowing skills that people use everyday to communicate with others and to live healthy lives. When it comes to speech therapy in Manhattan, Stacey Miller, SLP offers her expertise with a variety of programs and one-on-one therapy services. As kids get older and learn to interact more with the world around them, certain activities can help them bolster their skills, like singing and enjoying music. Stacey offers East Harlem kids music classes for children ages 2-4 so they can learn to express themselves, have fun, and grow closer to their parents and guardians as well.

Operating in the Manhattan area for almost a decade, Stacey Miller, SLP has a wealth of experience in treating speech and learning disabilities as well as extensive experience with sensory integration. She provides a wide variety of individualized, high-quality speech therapy services to children, ages 0 to 18. She does her best to accommodate the busy schedules of her patients and their parents, but she also offers weekly classes and activities such as a sign language course for adults, or a Parents and Me music class. These East harlem kids music classes are designed for children aged 2-4 and encourage fun as well as communication. Having fun with age-old classes “The Alphabet,” “Old McDonald” and “Duck Duck Goose” Stacey Miller not only teaches the lyrics to the song, but she also practices the songs using visuals, toys, and sign language to help kids of all abilities and to further enrich their growing experiences with different modes of communication and expression.

If you are interested in participating in one of the next East Harlem kids music classes, feel free to call Stacey Miller, SLP to learn about class times or to even schedule an appointment for an evaluation for other speech therapy treatment.

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