East Harlem oral motor therapy

East Harlem Oral Motor Therapy

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Oral motor therapy sessions in East Harlem

Kids do a lot of growing up when they’re young. Many of the basic skills they will have for life are learned and developed during the very early stages of their lives, but sometimes kids need a little help. When your child isn’t meeting milestones when they should, it is time to seek the help of an expert. When it comes to oral motor skills like speaking and eating, Stacey Miller, SLP is here to provide the East Harlem oral motor therapy sessions your child needs.

Stacey Miller, SLP is a skilled Manhattan-based speech therapist who provides individualized, high-quality speech therapy services to children between the ages of 0 to 18. With almost a decade’s worth of experience in treating speech and learning disabilities as well as extensive experience with sensory integration, Stacey aims to provide personable one-on-one treatment to each of her clients in order to better meet their needs. Each child is different and will respond to treatment differently, which is where therapy comes in. Stacey meets with kids and their parents for a preliminary visit where she gets to better know you and your child, learning more about how your child learns and understands things in order to create a treatment plan that will suit them best. Her East Harlem oral motor therapy works to strengthen the oral skills necessary for proper speech and feeding development in individual children. These skills include awareness, strength, coordination, and movement, as well as endurance of the lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw. Treatment and therapy will last as long as your child needs, adjusting as your child changes and develops throughout the course of their care.

When it comes to developing skills that will allow them to be independent and understood, it is vital as a parent that you nurture your child’s needs and get them the care they require. If you are looking for East Harlem oral motor therapy sessions for your child, Stacey Miller, SLP will provide you with the dedication, commitment and care that you and your child deserve.

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