East Harlem parents and me music classes

East Harlem Parents and Me Music Classes

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Parent and me classes in East Harlem

East Harlem parents and me music classes
East Harlem parents and me music classes

When it comes to speech therapy in Manhattan, no one does it better than Stacey Miller, SLP. Operating in the area and offering a wide range of services for over seven years, Stacey provides personable one-on-one treatment to each of her clients, offering completely individualized, high-quality speech therapy services to children ages 0 to 18. Even offering East Harlem parents and me music classes, Stacey Miller provides a wide range of services for kids with speech and language needs of all varieties.

With over over seven years of experience in treating speech and learning disabilities as well as extensive experience with sensory integration, Stacey Miller, SLP makes sure that each one of her clients is provided with completely personalized care. Kids react and respond to different things, so before beginning any kind of program or treatment she makes sure to get to know you and your child personally so she has a basic understanding of how best to provide care. Some of the services she offers include complete and comprehensive speech and language evaluation, individual therapy sessions for expressive and receptive language delays, feeding difficulties and oral motor delays, articulation, and more. She also offers courses for adults and teachers who may want to learn sign language to better communicate with deaf and nonverbal children, even offering East Harlem parents and me music classes that teach children’s songs with visuals, toys and sign language too. These activities are fun and lively, and parents having their children treated for any issue are all encouraged and invited to attend in addition to regularly scheduled speech therapy sessions. Singing and signing along to classic tunes like “The Alphabet,” “Old McDonald” and “Duck Duck Goose” kids and parents can play along and learn to better communicate at the same time.

East Harlem parents and me music classes with Stacey Miller, SLP can be both educational and special, providing a bonding moment for you and your child while also allowing you to interact with other parents and kids as well.

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