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Individual Speech Therapy in Manhattan

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Children’s Speech Therapy in Manhattan

Are you concerned that your young son or daughter may be struggling to communicate with others clearly? Speech problems can be more than just a stage in your child’s life, but can work to hold them back in life by limiting their ability to develop social skills that can lead to additional problems later in life. However, with the right level of care and attention, you can work to insure your child has the help they need to overcome these issues in early childhood. Your first step to a healthy and fulfilling life for your child is through an evaluation for individual speech therapy in Manhattan with the welcoming offices of Stacey Miller, SLP.

Speech Therapist in New York City
Speech Therapist in New York City

The need for speech therapy can arise from problems with expression, communication, and even feeding in the early years of childhood development. The only way to know exactly what your child needs to grow and develop into healthy mental and social skills through effective communication is through a comprehensive speech and language evaluation. This allows a professional speech pathologist to perform a complete assessment of the oral motor skills of your son or daughter, including both form and informal exams as well as simple observations of their growing environment. This step is essential, as it works to allow your specialist to create a tailored plan for individual speech therapy in Manhattan.

Once these needs are assessed, your child’s speech therapist can begin to work with your child through one on one sessions that range from thirty minutes to a full hour. In these sessions your child’s therapist will begin to work through any issues with communicating wants and needs, as well as following instruction and answering questions. Expressive and receptive language delays can also make it difficult for a child to understand these basic concepts, which can be the root cause of communication issues in the first place. In other cases, physical problems through inadequate levels of mandibular strength and mobility can be to blame for oral motor delays and other difficulties that arise during feedings. Physical therapy can work increase the strength in these systems necessary for healthy speech and eating habits. Individual speech therapy in Manhattan also includes articulation therapy to guide children through proper movement of all areas of the mouth for clear and perfect speech.

For the very best in individual speech therapy in Manhattan, be sure to visit the experts at the childhood care center of Stacey Miller, SLP. Stacey Miller has been proudly working with children in your local community from infancy to 18 years old for nearly a decade through customized speech therapy sessions that work to target the unique needs of each child. With speech therapy from Stacey Miller, SLP, you can insure your child has the skills they need to succeed in life.