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Speech and a highly developed ability to communicate is part of what makes human beings human. Speech and language development is something that is based on the infant’s innate ability but is cultivated and crafted through exposure to outside stimuli and instruction. Sometimes the child needs help mastering speech development and expressive language and it is the mission of our language therapist in NYC to assist children from 0 – 18 in acquiring and perfecting their ability to speak. Stacey Miller, SLP has been helping children with speech and language problems as well as associated learning problems for over a decade, working with children who have moderate to severe learning disabilities and sensory integration issues.

Our language therapist in NYC begins working with each new patient by first doing a comprehensive evaluation of the child language and speech skills. The assessment includes an oral motor assessment, feeding evaluation as well as formal and informal testing and observations in all of the child’s environments. A written report with recommendations is presented to the parents and our therapist will discuss her findings in detail. Our therapist will generally work one-on-one with the child in the friendly atmosphere of its own home. These therapy sessions will cover whatever the child’s needs are such as oral motor delays and feeding difficulties, expressive and receptive language or articulation.

Our language therapist in NYC also works with children in groups or among other members of the family. For instance, delays in developing social and pragmatic language skills can cause the child difficulties in developing friendships and interacting in social situations. In a group setting of 2 – 4 children they all learn through creative play to develop social skills such as developing eye contact, initiating conversation, taking turns and other valuable skills. There is a music class for parents and young children between the ages or 2 – 4. Our language therapist also offers adult sign language courses. If your child is having trouble with language development or swallowing please make an appointment with our language therapist.

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