Manhattan Children’s Speech Therapist

Manhattan Children’s Speech Therapist

Imagine not being able to speak clearly, articulately, or comfortably. Now try to imagine all of that, but being experienced by a child. Many children have trouble with their speech, and it effects nearly every aspect of their daily lives. At our office, Stacey Miller, SLP has been helping children improve their speech for over seven years. Our professional and friendly staff understands how important it is to you that your child feels comfortable and confident in everything they do, and better speech is a pathway to that. If your child has speech problems for any number of reasons, a speech evaluation is the first step.


Manhattan Speech Therapy Evaluations

The goal is to continue providing individualized, superb quality speech therapy services to children. Stacey Miller works with children ages 0 to 18, and utilizes a tried and true, expert one-on-one approach to speech therapy. Children may develop speech problems due to forms of hearing loss, downs syndrome, autism, expressive and receptive language disorders, oral motor weakness, articulation issues, feeding difficulties, learning disabilities, and more. A speech evaluation is crucial to starting treatment; first the extent of the speech issue must be evaluated. Your child’s speech will be analyzed, and we work with you to map out a basic medical history. Our understands that each child and family is unique individual. We work together to come up with a framework for treatment and care based on personal concerns and needs.

Stacey Miller is experienced in a slew of techniques and practices for speech therapy depending on the unique situation of your child. Some of these techniques are socialization groups, parent/child music classes, sign language courses, and on and on. Speech therapy is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, and when you visit our, you’ll begin to see how important your child’s success is to us. We encourage you to make an appoint with us by calling 646-525-4817, or requesting an appointment online at our website There is quality treatment out there for your child, and the confidence that comes along with improved speech is life changing, and priceless.