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Manhattan Speech Language Pathologist

Speech development in children is important to observe carefully. Certainly, all children develop their speech skills at somewhat different rates, but being aware of what to notice can make a vital difference in discovering speech problems early and getting the opportunity to address them early, as well. Our Manhattan speech language pathologist, Stacey Miller, would like you to be informed on some of the more common pediatric speech problems. By having this information, you can stay ahead of any possible concerns in your child’s speech development and get him or her guidance and help as soon as possible to affect the most desirable outcome.

Manhattan Children's Speech Therapy
Manhattan Children’s Speech Therapy

The most common speech problem in children is when your child is learning at a slower rate than the other children of the same age. Another problem that it typical is when your child can speak but has difficulty expressing themselves and communicating effectively. In both instances, speech therapy with our Manhattan speech language pathologist and at home practice are an effective combination in combatting it.

A more challenging concern is when comprehension is diminished and your child is not syncing her or his words to directions or the words are unclear in their meaning. Speech therapy may be helpful, but more intensive clinical treatment may be necessary and this is a more time intensive process. As we move up the scale of challenges, autism can be the cause of speech problems such as delayed speech and an inability to communicate clearly. Autistic children with speech problems will often need intensive training and behavioral modification for an extended period of time. Our Manhattan speech language pathologist can offer a professional evaluation.

A child with cerebral palsy will often have difficulties with physical vocal coordination. He or she may find it hard to control tongue spasms, have hearing limitations, or have a disconnect between physical stimuli and cognitive response. For such children, symbol recognition therapy with our Manhattan speech language pathologist may be required. Despite the fact that children with cerebral palsy might not develop speech as quickly as desired, therapy can help them to communicate effectively regardless.

Now that you know some of the most common pediatric speech problems, you will be able to identify them in your child. Stacey Miller, SLP, is qualified and experienced and ready to help your child and you through the challenges, call 646-525-4817 to set up a consultation today.