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Articulation Therapy Manhattan

A child’s early developing years are incredibly important to their ability to function comfortably within society when and as they get older. Stacey Miller, SLP is a New York licensed speech-language pathologist with over ten years experience working with children who have moderate to severe learning disabilities and sensory integration. If your child is experiencing difficulty enunciating or speaking normally and clearly, then Ms. Miller can help your child overcome their speech disability. This Manhattan speech therapist offers a wide variety of sessions and treatments that will help your child develop properly and in a healthy manner.

Articulation Speech Therapy NYC
Articulation Speech Therapy NYC

Stacey Miller, SLP knows the importance of expression, especially in children. She knows just how important it is to properly communicate with your family and with the world around you, and provides any number of one-on-one therapy sessions to address any such expression or speaking issues. This Manhattan speech therapist knows that every child is different, has different needs, and has different methods of learning. A preliminary evaluation will help her determine your child’s needs and personality. She will study and observe your child in multiple environments to see how they operate and see what works best for them. That way, she can create a personalized therapy plan that is suited specifically for your child. Articulation can be difficult for some children and is not at all an uncommon issue among learning language speakers. If your child is having difficulty producing speech sounds they may be employing the incorrect movement or placement of the tongue, lips, velum and/or the pharynx when speaking or producing sounds. The use of all of these organs contributes to the sounds we produce with our mouths and sometimes finding a comfortable way to use these organs can be difficult for children to pick up and understand how to operate correctly.

Individual therapy sessions with Stacey Miller, SLP can range between 30, 45 and 60 minutes. The length will depend on your preferences as well as the determined need of the child. These sessions can help provide this Manhattan speech therapist with the proper environment in which to focus on every child’s individual needs and to meet their individual goals. Since every child learns differently, these individual articulation sessions are perfect for focusing on a child’s specific needs and adhering to their specific learning habits.

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