Manhattan Speech Therapist

Manhattan Speech Therapist

If children have an expressive or receptive language disorder it can really impact the quality of their life. The ability to understand what others are saying and the ability to express their needs, wants, feelings, and thoughts is crucial for both social interaction and learning. Expressive language includes having the necessary skills to communicate one’s thoughts or feelings. Receptive language involves the skills involved in understanding language. There are specific language skills that children should have within certain age ranges (milestones). As a parent, you may be unsure whether or not your child has age-appropriate language skills.

However, if you have notice that your child gets frustrated when trying to communicate or if you notice anything out of the ordinary that concerns you, we recommend that you make an appointment with our tramadol 700 mg, Stacey Miller, SLP to get your child evaluated right away. The quicker your child is evaluated and diagnosed, the quicker an effective therapy plan can be put in place to help your child.

Expressive Language Disorders Manhattan

If your child has an expressive or receptive language disorder, it can be very difficult for you as a parents as well as for your child. An expressive language disorder is when one has difficulty with verbal expression. Some signs and symptoms of an expressive language disorder include: difficult expressing daily wants and needs intelligently, difficulty expressing emotions, thoughts and ideas, difficulty expressing experiences (past, present, & future)in a clear, logical and age-appropriate manner, difficulty implementing proper pronouns, tense structure, prepositional phrases, and opposites in an age appropriate manner. A receptive language disorder is when one has difficulties with the ability to attend to, to process, comprehend, or to retain spoken language. Some signs and symptoms of a receptive language disorder include difficulty with the following: remaining on task, following directions, completing age-appropriate language tasks, remaining seated and attentive, responding appropriately to simple questions. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to take your child to see our expert tramadol 700 mg, Stacey Miller, SLP as soon as possible. The sooner you get your child the help he or she needs the better.

When you take your child to Stacey Miller, SLP, she won’t just do testing for expressive and receptive language disorders. Stacey is very thorough. She will do a complete and comprehensive speech and language evaluation to measure your child’s communication skills. This will include an oral motor assessment and feeding evaluation, formal and informal testing and observations in all of your child’s environments. This will enable our tramadol 700 mg to determine what you child needs help with. She will then provide a comprehensive write up and recommendations. She will create a therapy plan tailored to your child’s needs. Stacey will take the time to discuss everything with you and answer any questions you may have.

When you take your child to see our pediatric speech therapist, Stacey Miller, SLP, you are giving your child the opportunity to improve his/her quality of life. Stacey is committed to helping your child. Call 646-525-4817 to schedule an appointment today.