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Speech therapy for learning disabilities in Manhattan

When kids are growing up, it is important to pay close attention to their development and to their overall skills. Basic life skills will be integral in their ability to interact with and better understand the world around them and of these important skills communication is perhaps the most important. If you notice that your child has speech issues and has difficulty communicating, then New York City speech therapist, Stacey Miller, SLP, can provide the speech therapy that you need in order to overcome such learning disabilities.

Language-based Learning Disabilities New York City
Language-based Learning Disabilities New York City

Since children are not completely able to take care of themselves independently, understand what and why they feel certain things and do not fully understand the world yet, it is imperative that they know how to communicate how they think and feel. Learning comes from interaction and communication, but being able to communicate basic needs can be incredibly important, especially in an emergency. It can also be a key form of self expression, and not being able to communicate efficiently due to a speech problem can be very frustrating and stressful for a child. Our New York City speech therapist, Stacey Miller SLP can help in such instances. There are plenty of signs that you can look out for that can possibly denote a speech impediment or problem. Some of them may include lack of response to sound, lack of response to speech, limited eye contact, feeding problems, limited vocalization, oral motor problems such as excess drooling, difficulties with attachment, easily distractible, does not seem to understand words or directions and lack of interested in socializing among many more. Stacey Miller, SLP will note which symptoms and signs you have noticed in your child and will apply that knowledge as she gets to know them. Once she familiar with them, she can begin to determine what their specific needs are in order to create solid goals.

Through one-on-one therapy sessions, New York City speech therapist Stacey Miller SLP will provide your child with the speech therapy that they need in order to better communicate with themselves and with others. If you want to learn more about speech therapy and other learning disabilities or believe that your child may need therapy, call to set up an appointment today.

A consultation with Stacey Miller, SLP can make all the difference in your child’s speech and language development. Call us today at 646-525-4817 to discover how speech and language therapy can assist your child.