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New York City Speech Therapist

Our New York City speech therapist, Stacey Miller, SLP, works with your child to improve a variety of speech problems including articulation disorders. What this refers to is the accuracy with which he or she can form the sounds of consonants and vowels separate from each other. Though intense and thorough work with your child, Stacey will work toward reasonable yet challenging goals with steady progress and firm encouragement.

If your child is having difficulty in producing the proper consonant or vowel sounds, Stacey will work with you to evaluate their current status and to determine where improvement could occur. It is important to note that articulation problems are fairly common among pre-schoolers and this is not abnormal. It is only children who are five years of age or older who should be evaluated for possible speech therapy with our New York City speech therapist.

The origins of articulation disorders are usually oral structure deviations or weak oral musculature. These are not the only possible causes. Among the others are a loss of hearing, auditory linguistic processing disorders, and apraxia of speech. The sooner that an articulation disorder is diagnosed and speech therapy is employed, the easier it will be as these problems tend to form habits that become considerably harder to break. Our New York City speech therapist will combine the strategies of repetition and reward motivation administered with plenty of patience to help your child to overcome her or his disorder.

Some of the more common types of articulation disorders are lisps, frontal and lateral; problems articulating the “r” sound, a substitution of the “y” sound for the use of “l”; and showing problems with using blends such as with l, r, and s (for example, black, brown, and slow). Regardless of the specific problem, articulation disorders tend to have similar root causes and the speech therapy solutions for them are likewise similar.

Our New York City speech therapist is committed to helping your child to improve his or her speaking without such mistakes in producing sounds. We offerCall 646-525-4817 to schedule an appointment today. flexible hours Monday thru Friday for your convenience. Please call us today at 646-525-4817 to schedule an evaluation.