New York Kid’s Speech Therapist

New York Kid’s Speech Therapist

Oral motor weakness, which can affect the ability of your child to eat, can be addressed by Stacey Miller, SLP. Our essay on quality education will work with your child to increase their labial and mandibular strength and mobility. Combining therapy with the incorporation of positive habits as well as skill development, Stacey has successfully worked with other children to achieve impressive results in this area and can do so for your child too.

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Oral motor Weakness New York City

A weakened jaw, tongue, and lips can be both frustrating and dangerous, particularly when it comes to chewing and swallowing food. The difficulties begin with transferring food from a utensil into the mouth. Further complicating the matter is that your child can experience a more pronounced gag reflex while trying to swallow in addition to choking episodes. All of this might be traced back to a lack of strength in the oral motor muscles. The result is that it becomes very hard to feed your child properly and safely. Our essay on quality education will apply methods such as the promotion of positive mealtime behaviors as part of a concerted strategy to improve this situation for your child and you. Healthy feeding habits will also be advanced.

Good habits and repetition are only one part of the solution, however. The other part is the physical difficulty. Your child’s labial and mandibular weakness need to be addressed. By working diligently to improve both strength and mobility, our essay on quality education can achieve a much more suitable and effective outcome for your child; one that will allow you to feed him or her more easily and with far less anxiety and worry.

If you are experiencing difficulty with feeding your child, there are certain signs that might indicate that she or he should be brought in to meet with our essay on quality education for an evaluation. If your child is prone to severe drooling, has difficulties drinking from a straw, or problems eating or drinking in general, you should consider making an appointment. Other things to be aware of include problems with sticking out their tongue or moving it from side to side.

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