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Children’s Speech Therapy in Manhattan

Manhattan Pediatric Speech Therapist

When you bring your child to see licensed speech therapist Stacey Miller, she’ll employ a wide range of standardized tests to analyze your child’s ability and capability in all areas of speech and language development. With this information, Stacey Miller can customize a treatment plan that targets the specific areas of speech and language that need improvement. These evaluations will examine receptive language and what your child understands in terms of semantics and syntax. It will evaluate your child’s use of expressive language and if they can accurately express themselves. It will also test articulation, identifying any trouble sounds or problems with auditory processing. In addition to discovering speech and language-related problems, we may also assess oral motor and feeding skills to determine if the mouth muscles are undeveloped or underutilized.

Kid's Speech Therapy New York City

Kid’s Speech Therapy New York City

Before any speech therapy begins, families will be provided with a detailed report exploring all the strengths and weaknesses of their child’s speech and language abilities. Our Manhattan pediatric speech therapist will thoroughly explain the findings of this assessment to you, as well as establish individual aims and objectives. As a trusted speech therapist working in Manhattan, Stacey Miller can help your child lead a fuller and more bountiful life. If you notice any distinct voice, attention, cognition, speech or communication problems affecting the way your child interacts with the world around them, bring them to see Stacey Miller for a speech and language assessment.

Stacey Miller, SLP is a Manhattan-based speech therapy practice that offers speech, language and oral motor therapy for children of all ages. Serving Manhattan, 646-525-4817

Manhattan Speech Language Pathology

Manhattan Speech Language Pathology

When addressing childhood speech development challenges, you can be comforted by the fact that there are hundreds of qualified speech therapists in Manhattan who can care for your children and see them through this difficult stage in learning. Experienced licensed speech therapist, Stacey Miller, specializes in evaluating and treating children with a variety of developmental delays in socialization, speech and language development, feeding difficulties, oral motor delays and articulation.

The philosophy that guides the speech pathology and therapy practice of Stacey miller is to focus on each child receiving a great foundation needed for language improvement. We want your child to achieve maximum success in speech therapy and we want them to reach those important milestones in learning and education. This all begins with a solid foundation of speech and language, as communication is at the center of who we are and how we experience and interact with our surroundings. Speech disorders can be socially and academically devastating to children, and as pediatric speech therapists, we have the knowledge, skills, and compassion to help children overcome these disorders.

When you bring your child to Stacey Miller for speech therapy, each therapy session will be unique to your child. We believe that parental involvement is critical to the therapy process and result in a safe and positive environment for your child to grow.

To learn more about how your child could benefit from speech therapy, please visit trusted Manhattan pediatric speech therapist, Stacey Miller. 646-525-4817