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Children’s Speech Therapy in Manhattan

Manhattan Pediatric Speech Therapist

When you bring your child to see licensed speech therapist Stacey Miller, she’ll employ a wide range of standardized tests to analyze your child’s ability and capability in all areas of speech and language development. With this information, Stacey Miller can customize a treatment plan that targets the specific areas of speech and language that need improvement. These evaluations will examine receptive language and what your child understands in terms of semantics and syntax. It will evaluate your child’s use of expressive language and if they can accurately express themselves. It will also test articulation, identifying any trouble sounds or problems with auditory processing. In addition to discovering speech and language-related problems, we may also assess oral motor and feeding skills to determine if the mouth muscles are undeveloped or underutilized.

Kid's Speech Therapy New York City

Kid’s Speech Therapy New York City

Before any speech therapy begins, families will be provided with a detailed report exploring all the strengths and weaknesses of their child’s speech and language abilities. Our Manhattan pediatric speech therapist will thoroughly explain the findings of this assessment to you, as well as establish individual aims and objectives. As a trusted speech therapist working in Manhattan, Stacey Miller can help your child lead a fuller and more bountiful life. If you notice any distinct voice, attention, cognition, speech or communication problems affecting the way your child interacts with the world around them, bring them to see Stacey Miller for a speech and language assessment.

Stacey Miller, SLP is a Manhattan-based speech therapy practice that offers speech, language and oral motor therapy for children of all ages. Serving Manhattan, 646-525-4817

Oral Motor Therapy in Manhattan

Oral Motor Therapy in Manhattan

If your child is experiencing an oral motor disorder, and is experiencing symptoms such as trouble controlling his or her lips, tongue and mouth, we understand the difficulties that this presents for your child and for yourself. There is no better speech language pathologist that provides oral motor therapy in Manhattan than Stacey Miller, SLP. Our speech language pathologist understands that although these oral motor symptoms are physical, there is often a neurological component at play as well. There are two main, common disorders having to do with oral-motor issues. The first is Developmental Spraxia of Speech (DAS), or dyspraxia of speech. This disorder makes it difficult for children to form words because of the difficulties they are facing in manipulating and controlling the different parts of their mouths. The second oral motor disorder that is common in children is actually a group of disorders, known as articulation disorders. Tendencies that result from articulation disorders are lisps, speaking too quickly, and substituting one sound for another.

Pediatric Speech Problems Manhattan

Pediatric Speech Problems Manhattan

There are also certain oral motor delays, rather than disorders, that can occur in children such as an aversion to chewing, or brushing teeth, or difficulty when it comes to feeding and eating. Receiving oral motor therapy in Manhattan with Stacey Miller, SLP can help your child to make great strides when it comes to managing and treating any of the oral motor issues they may be going through.

When it comes to oral motor therapy in Manhattan, working with Stacey Miller, SLP is the best option for you and your child. Stacey has been working with children in this field for over ten years, and truly understands and has mastered the techniques that can make a positive change for their rest of your child’s life. Her unparalleled talent combined with her caring, compassionate attitude makes her the most sought after speech language pathologist for oral motor therapy in Manhattan. She offers flexible hours for her patients and will handle all of your oral therapy needs in the comfort of your own home. She also accepts both cash and personal checks as payment, and will provide you with a receipt that you may send to your personal insurance company for reimbursement for the services.

If you would like to set up a consultation of appointment, do not hesitate to contact Stacey Miller, SLP at your soonest convenience. 646-525-4817