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Manhattan Speech Therapy For Toddlers

Speech Therapy Sessions for Toddlers in Manhattan

Manhattan Speech Therapy For Toddlers

Manhattan Speech Therapy For Toddlers

Some people are surprised when they find out that we offer speech therapy sessions for toddler, but at the office of Stacey Miller, SLP, it is our priority to help all children who have learning disabilities, and the sooner that they are identified and addressed, the more the odds of successful outcomes increase. Being proactive is always the best approach.

Speech and language begin developing before a child turns one year old. To be fair, those early attempts are typically just single words. The real rapidity in learning how to speak takes place somewhere between 18 and 24 months. And by the time a child turns two, there should evidence that he or she can string together words to some degree. There is no set time where it can said that all children should reach particular milestones. However, if your child is at least 24 months and has not reached the level that you think she or he should, it makes perfect sense to bring her or him in for an evaluation to find out if there is reason to have our Manhattan speech therapy for toddlers. There are various reasons why your child may be experiencing slower progress in terms of speech. Some examples include some degree of hearing loss, autism, and down syndrome. Fortunately, Stacey has the experience and expertise to help your child with gentle and attentive guidance. Every child is unique, of course, and precise results cannot be guaranteed. Our Manhattan speech therapy for toddlers is based on one-on-one work with your child, rooted in strategies that combine time-tested methods with the most advanced and recently introduced information for promoting optimal results.

Our Manhattan speech therapy for toddlers could be the right answer for your child. Schedule an appointment to come in and find out for certain.

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Speech Therapy in Manhattan

NYC Speech Pathologist

Speech Therapy in Manhattan

Speech Therapy in Manhattan

If you are looking for a great speech pathologist who can help your child with speech therapy and other related problems, we know that you will be happy with the service and care that you get from Stacey Miller, SLP. When you need to find a practice that offers great speech therapy in Manhattan, make an appointment to meet with Stacey Miller – Ms. Miller will provide your child the individualized attention that he or she needs to help develop his or her communication skills.

Stacey Miller is our expert and highly-regarded New York-licensed speech-language pathologist. She specializes in providing speech therapy for children. For over 10 years she has worked with kids with moderate to severe learning disabilities. Stacy Miller is also fully fluent using sign language. Stacey Miller helps all of her patients find a way to communicate, even if this means helping them work on their non-verbal communication. Stacy provides one-on-one speech therapy in Manhattan. She works with clients ranging from ages 0 to 18. She works with and is able to help children who have: severe hearing loss; children with Down syndrome and autism; children with expressive and receptive language disorders; articulation errors; feeding difficulties and social and pragmatic delays; as well as other challenges that call for the need of an effective speech pathologist.

When Stacey provides speech therapy in Manhattan she designs a full therapy plan for each child, with specific treatments and goals for that individual child. Each plan is totally individualized for the child’s own specific needs. She uses one-on-one therapy sessions to gain optimal results for each child. Speech therapy sessions can last either 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Stacy also provides socialization groups, lasting 45 or 60 minutes, to help children with social and pragmatic delays. These sessions have 2 to 4 children present, and help the child develop social and pragmatic skills using creative play and common scenarios. This group helps the child with: increasing eye contact; initiating and maintaining conversation; and taking turns. If you would like to meet with our speech pathologist and see how she will be able to help your child, contact Stacy today. She will be very interested to meet with your child and do whatever she can to help your child live a fuller and more satisfying life.


Manhattan Children’s Speech Therapist

Manhattan Children’s Speech Therapist

Imagine not being able to speak clearly, articulately, or comfortably. Now try to imagine all of that, but being experienced by a child. Many children have trouble with their speech, and it effects nearly every aspect of their daily lives. At our Manhattan children’s speech therapist office, Stacey Miller, SLP has been helping children improve their speech for over seven years. Our professional and friendly staff understands how important it is to you that your child feels comfortable and confident in everything they do, and better speech is a pathway to that. If your child has speech problems for any number of reasons, a speech evaluation is the first step.

Manhattan Speech Therapy Evaluations

Manhattan Speech Therapy Evaluations

The goal is to continue providing individualized, superb quality speech therapy services to children. Stacey Miller works with children ages 0 to 18, and utilizes a tried and true, expert one-on-one approach to speech therapy. Children may develop speech problems due to forms of hearing loss, downs syndrome, autism, expressive and receptive language disorders, oral motor weakness, articulation issues, feeding difficulties, learning disabilities, and more. A speech evaluation is crucial to starting treatment; first the extent of the speech issue must be evaluated. Your child’s speech will be analyzed, and we work with you to map out a basic medical history. Our Manhattan children’s speech therapist understands that each child and family is unique individual. We work together to come up with a framework for treatment and care based on personal concerns and needs.

Stacey Miller is experienced in a slew of techniques and practices for speech therapy depending on the unique situation of your child. Some of these techniques are socialization groups, parent/child music classes, sign language courses, and on and on. Speech therapy is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, and when you visit our Manhattan children’s speech therapist, you’ll begin to see how important your child’s success is to us. We encourage you to make an appoint with us by calling 646-525-4817, or requesting an appointment online at our website upperwestside-speechtherapy.com. There is quality treatment out there for your child, and the confidence that comes along with improved speech is life changing, and priceless.

Manhattan Pediatric Speech problems

Manhattan Pediatric Speech Problems

A pediatric speech-language pathologist like Stacey Miller assesses a child’s speech clarity, vocabulary, sentence structure and social language abilities. Using all of this information, Stacey Miller, SLP, can determine if your child has a specific speech or language impairment, such as articulation errors, receptive language disorders, learning disabilities or social delays. Speech and language is more than just the words your child uses. In fact, speech and language problems can be discernible even before your baby says their first word. Before they begin speaking, your infant communicates and interacts with the world around them by making sounds and facial expressions. If they are not participating in these forms of communication by the time they are nine months old, you may want to bring them for an initial assessment with Manhattan pediatric speech pathologist, Stacey Miller.

Speech and Language Problems

Speech and Language Problems

As your child grows, they may begin to develop other communication problems such as stuttering, stammering or voice problems. Stacey Miller is a licensed speech-language pathologist with expertise in providing treatment and therapy for these speech disabilities as well. If your child struggles to use verbal communication, Stacey Miller not only provides therapy for the child, but helps families with learning other ways of communicating with their child using pictures and signs.

Some common speech-related problems are speech delay and articulation disorder. Speech delay is a delayed development of specific speech sounds. Typically, children develop and produce the speech sounds for the letters “b,” “p,” and “m” by the time they are three years old. A speech delay is defined as a reduced intelligibility and increased risk for broader communication and academic problems. Stacey Miller, SLP, will assist your child in overcoming these speech delays and determine the cause of this slow speech development. Another common problem is an articulation disorder, or difficult making certain sounds. Some children may substitute, change, or add sounds on to a work. Such as pronouncing all “r” sounds as “w.” All of these speech-related problems can be solved with a visit to Manhattan pediatric speech pathologist, Stacey Miller.

Manhattan Speech Language Pathology

Manhattan Speech Language Pathology

When addressing childhood speech development challenges, you can be comforted by the fact that there are hundreds of qualified speech therapists in Manhattan who can care for your children and see them through this difficult stage in learning. Experienced licensed speech therapist, Stacey Miller, specializes in evaluating and treating children with a variety of developmental delays in socialization, speech and language development, feeding difficulties, oral motor delays and articulation.

The philosophy that guides the speech pathology and therapy practice of Stacey miller is to focus on each child receiving a great foundation needed for language improvement. We want your child to achieve maximum success in speech therapy and we want them to reach those important milestones in learning and education. This all begins with a solid foundation of speech and language, as communication is at the center of who we are and how we experience and interact with our surroundings. Speech disorders can be socially and academically devastating to children, and as pediatric speech therapists, we have the knowledge, skills, and compassion to help children overcome these disorders.

When you bring your child to Stacey Miller for speech therapy, each therapy session will be unique to your child. We believe that parental involvement is critical to the therapy process and result in a safe and positive environment for your child to grow.

To learn more about how your child could benefit from speech therapy, please visit trusted Manhattan pediatric speech therapist, Stacey Miller. 646-525-4817

Speech Therapy Manhattan

What Is Speech-Language Therapy?

Speech-language therapy is the treatment for most kids with speech and/or language disorders. A speech disorder refers to a problem with the actual production of sounds, whereas a language disorder refers to a difficulty understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas.

Speech Disorders and Language Disorders

Speech disorders include the following problems, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA):

  • Articulation disorders include difficulties producing sounds in syllables or saying words incorrectly to the point that other people can’t understand what’s being said.
  • Fluency disorders include problems such as stuttering, the condition in which the flow of speech is interrupted by abnormal stoppages, repetitions (st-st-stuttering), or prolonging sounds and syllables (ssssstuttering).
  • Resonance or voice disorders include problems with the pitch, volume, or quality of the voice that distract listeners from what’s being said. These types of disorders may also cause pain or discomfort for the child when speaking.
  • Dysphagia/oral feeding disorders, including difficulties with eating and swallowing.

When Is Therapy Needed?

Kids might need speech-language therapy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • hearing impairments
  • cognitive (intellectual; thinking) or other developmental delays
  • weak oral muscles
  • birth defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate
  • autism
  • motor planning problems
  • respiratory problems (breathing disorders)
  • swallowing disorders
  • traumatic brain injury

Therapy should begin as soon as possible. Children enrolled in therapy early in their development (younger than 3 years) tend to have better outcomes than those who begin therapy later.

This does not mean that older kids can’t make progress in therapy; they may progress at a slower rate because they often have learned patterns that need to be changed.

Language disorders can be either receptive or expressive:

  • Receptive disorders refer to difficulties understanding or processing language.
  • Expressive disorders include difficulty putting words together, limited vocabulary, or inability to use language in a socially appropriate way

Specialists in Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), often informally known as speech therapists, are professionals educated in the study of human communication, its development, and its disorders. They hold at least a master’s degree and state certification/licensure in the field, as well as a certificate of clinical competency from ASHA.

By assessing the speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing skills of children and adults, speech-language pathologists can identify types of communication problems and the best way to treat them.

SLPs treat problems in the areas of articulation; dysfluency; oral-motor, speech, and voice; and receptive and expressive language disorders.


In speech-language therapy, an SLP will work with a child one-to-one, in a small group, or directly in a classroom to overcome difficulties involved with a specific disorder.

Therapists use a variety of strategies, including:

  • language intervention activities. In these exercises an SLP will interact with a child by playing and talking. The therapist may use pictures, books, objects, or ongoing events to stimulate language development. The therapist may also model correct pronunciation and use repetition exercises to build speech and language skills.
  • articulation therapy. Articulation, or sound production, exercises involve having the therapist model correct sounds and syllables for a child, often during play activities. The level of play is age-appropriate and related to the child’s specific needs. The SLP will physically show the child how to make certain sounds, such as the “r” sound, and may demonstrate how to move the tongue to produce specific sounds.
  • oral motor/feeding therapy. The SLP will use a variety of oral exercises, including facial massage and various tongue, lip, and jaw exercises, to strengthen the muscles of the mouth. The SLP may also work with different food textures and temperatures to increase a child’s oral awareness during eating and swallowing.

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