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Pediatric Speech Therapist in Manhattan

Manhattan Based Speech Therapy Practice

Pediatric speech therapist in Manhattan

Pediatric speech therapist in Manhattan

When your child needs help with spoken communication, there is no need to worry. Speech therapy is one of the many valuable services that Stacey Miller, SLP offers. So if your child is having difficulties with receptive and expressive language skills, sounding out and forming words, coordinating breathing and speaking, articulation disorder (forming consonant and vowel sounds separately) or stuttering, our pediatric speech therapist in Manhattan can help with evaluation and treatment. Stacey Miller has been proudly working with children in your local community from infancy to 18 years old for nearly a decade through customized speech therapy sessions that work to target the unique needs of each child.

It is important to bear in mind that not all children progress at the same rate and in the same time frame. Typically, there are guide posts that are used to form a baseline for evaluating, but they are just that: guide posts. Speech and language develop over several years with various recognized stages up to about the age of 6. There is no exact answer for what is considered “normal” when it comes to speech development and this is especially so for when talking begins. That is why it is important to have our pediatric speech therapist in Manhattan have an opportunity to evaluate your child when a potential concern is identified.

Rest assured that if it is determined that your child does need our services, it is a good thing to have detected an issue and to be dealing with it. While specific results cannot be guaranteed due to the difference of each child’s unique nature, you can feel completely confident that Stacey will utilize the most effective methods for your child’s speech therapy. The sooner the better, however, when it comes to treatment. Putting things off will not have any positive effect. Please call us today and schedule an appointment with our pediatric speech therapist in Manhattan.

Unsure whether your child could benefit from one-on-one therapy with a licensed speech-language pathologist such as Stacey Miller? Call us today at 646-525-4817 and set up a consultation.

Children’s speech therapy in Manhattan

Manhattan Pediatric Speech Therapy

Stacey Miller, SLP offers expert children’s speech therapy in Manhattan. Her speech therapy services are directed toward children up to age 18. Her specialties include treating speech and learning disabilities as well as sensory integration. She offers one-on-one treatment plans for children with mild to severe hearing loss, for children with Downs Syndrome or autism, and for children with a variety of speech disorders. Every child is treated as the individual that they are, and programs are tailored to fit each child’s own individual needs. One-on-one speech therapy sessions are conducted in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

When you choose to work with Stacey Miller, SLP for children’s speech therapy in Manhattan, your child will first have a comprehensive speech and language evaluation. The purpose is to see how well your child can use his or her communication skills. The evaluation includes an oral motor assessment and feeding evaluation, observation of the child in their natural environment, and formal and informal testing. Afterwards, Stacey will provide a comprehensive written report which includes recommendations for your child’s speech therapy plan. A therapy plan will then be created that is perfectly suited for your child. Individual sessions are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Following are a list of plans that Stacey Miller, SLP offers when you come to her for children’s speech therapy in Manhattan: Expressive and Receptive Language Delays for children who cannot clearly communicate ideas, wants, and needs or understand basic concepts or follow directions; Oral Motor Delays and Feeding Difficulties to help with weak lingual, labial and mandibular strength and mobility, and to help children develop feeding skills and positive behavior at mealtime; Articulation for the production of speech sounds; Socialization Groups of 2-4 children to help develop a child’s social and pragmatic language skills, and to help children improve eye contact, start and maintain a conversation, and improve turn taking; Parents and Me Music Classes; and Sign Language Course for Adults, Beginner to Advanced, to teach adults how to communicate with sign language. Stacey Miller knows she can help your child improve his or her language skills with individualized and personalized speech therapy sessions. Contact her today so you can begin to move forward with your child’s speech and language evaluation. That is the first important step you can take in getting your child to participate in their own speech therapy sessions.

A consultation with Stacey Miller, SLP can make all the difference in your child’s speech and language development. Call us today at 646-525-4817 to discover how speech and language therapy can assist your child.