NYC Adult Sign Language Classes

Sign Language Classes for Adults in NYC

NYC adult Sign Language Classes

NYC adult Sign Language Classes

Humans are unique in their ability to communicate with others, and each other, in a variety of different intricate ways. Language comes in many forms, but some people are limited when it comes to how they speak with or communicate with others. For many, sign language helps fill in the gaps, allowing them to express themselves, share information, and connect with other people easily. Sign language can be utilized by anyone, but some people are only able to speak in sign language or prefer it for a number of reasons. Here with our expert speech therapist, Stacey Miller, SLP, parents, guardians and family members of people who use sign language can learn how to communicate with NYC adult sign language classes.

Sign language is a useful language and it can be used by people native in other languages as well, though it generally differs from place to place around the world. For many people, sign language is a preferred method of communication, especially if they have impaired senses such as those related to hearing and verbalization. Here with Stacey Miller, SLP, you can learn more about sign language and become fluent yourself. Stacey Miller offers a weekly sign language course open to adults that are interested in learning more about sign language and how they can use it to speak with others. Sign language uses a series of gestures that can include hand shapes, facial expressions and movement of the hands, arms and body to convey meaning without acoustically conveyed patterns via sounds and words. With NYC adult sign language classes, you can learn more about sign language, its uses, as well as how to communicate more effectively in various aspects of your life.

For parents with children that have hearing or speech impairments, sign language can help you better teach your child to communicate while also providing you with the means to grow closer to your child as well. If you are interested in NYC adult sign language classes with Stacey Miller, SLP, call us to learn more about our class times and how you can get involved today.

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