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Pediatric Speech Therapist Manhattan

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Pediatric Speech Therapist Manhattan

Stacey Miller specializes in evaluating and treating children with a variety of development delays in the following areas: Feeding Difficulties, Oral Motor Delays, Articulation, and Expressive and Receptive Language Delays.

Oral Motor delays can affect speech and feeding skills, as a child with an oral-motor disorder will have difficulty controlling their lips, tongue, and jaw muscles. Signs of oral motor deficits include sensitivity to touch or an avoidance of oral activities such as brushing teeth. Though oral motor disorders cause physical issues, they often have a neurological component as well. Therapy with Stacey Miller, trusted New York City speech pathologist, will target improving lip and jaw stability and coordination.

One of the main oral-motor disorders are articulation disorders. This includes fast-paced speech, lisping, leaving out consonants, and substituting one sound for another. Though many articulation errors are development in nature, an articulation disorder occurs when a child produces a sound incorrectly in words. Children with this difficulty have not learned how sounds fit together to create a word. Mastering specific speech sounds may take place over the course of several years, depending on the age of your child.

A type of oral motor delay includes feeding difficulties. Signs of a feeding disorder in your child may include extreme food selectivity, refusal to eat, presence of a strong gag reflex, and an oral aversion.

For the very best speech therapy in Manhattan, visit Stacey Miller, skilled speech therapist with over seven years of experience in treating speech and learning disabilities in young children. 646-525-4817