Pediatric Speech Therapy NYC

Pediatric Speech Therapy NYC

You may think that your child can benefit from speech therapy only if they’re having trouble enunciating, understanding words, or struggle to communicate with words. But there are many different signs that your child may need speech therapy, the list getting progressively larger as they grow older. There are some signs present even as early as birth to six months of age, including developmental or medical problems, lack of response to sound, lack of interest in speech, feeing problems and difficulty with attachment. Some signs from 12 months to 18 months include easily distractible, does not understand any words or directions, limited sound production, oral motor problems like excessive drooling, trouble with solid foods and intolerance of touch in and around the mouth. For two to three year olds, if your child is having trouble combining words, uses only nouns, cannot maintain eye contact, does not tolerate sitting for listening activities or must be retold to carry out simply directions, you should take them to see Dr. Stacey Miller, licensed speech therapist in New York City.

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Adolescent Speech Therapy Manhattan

Shown by all these warning signs, there is no perfect age at which you should seek speech-language help for your children. Manhattan speech therapist, Stacey Miller works with children from infancy to adolescence. Speech and language disorders can affect the eye your child talks, understand, analyzes, and processes information. If you’re ever concerned about your child’s communication and social skills, bring them in for an assessment with Stacey Miller. Remember, the early months of your baby’s life are instrumental in developing good social skills, emotional growth and intelligence, so don’t delay a visit speech therapist, Stacey Miller.

Specializing in pediatric speech therapy, New York City speech pathologist, Stacey Miller provides diagnostic and therapeutic speech and language services to children of all ages. For a communication evaluation and consultation, please visit Stacey Miller today! 646-525-4817