Sign Language Class Manhattan NY

Sign Language Course for Adults in Manhattan NY

Sign language class Manhattan NY

Sign language class Manhattan NY

Have you been considering learning sign language but you just haven’t made the move to get started? Perhaps you are hard of hearing, losing your hearing, or have gone totally deaf. Or maybe you’re motivated because a family member, friend, or other loved one communicates through sign language and you would like to be able to have a dialogue with them. Whatever your reason, our sign language class Manhattan NY run by Stacey Miller, SLP is right for you.

Sign language has a storied history that goes back nearly 500 years. It’s put together very logically and nearly anyone can pick it up with the proper instruction and a little bit of practicing. Did you know that as many as two million people speak sign language in the United States? The estimates vary, but it is the fifth most popular language in America, so there is every reason to consider our sign language class Manhattan NY. It is a language that you will be able to make great use of. It just so happens that there are many people who are hard of hearing or completely deaf. For them, sign language isn’t a choice, but a necessity. And certainly if you are close to someone who uses it as their primary (or only) means of communicating, there are tremendous benefits to learning. And in addition to the other advantages, it is good for your memory in general to learn a new language, even if you don’t have anyone specifically in mind to do it for. Our sign language class Manhattan NY is not that difficult to master. If you put in the effort, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re using it.

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