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Expressive Language Delays Manhattan

Every one of us develops differently and uniquely. Sometimes we develop quirks that help define who we are as individuals while other times these quirks can hinder how we share our thoughts and beliefs. Kids experience an exponential amount of change and growth, and sometimes speech and language disorders can develop, including expressive language disorders which can hamper their ability to properly communicate thoughts and feelings. If you feel your child may have such an issue, then there is no need to worry. Our Manhattan speech language pathologist, Stacey Miller, SLP, is here to help diagnose speech and language issues and treat them as well.

Language Disorder Therapy Manhattan

Language Disorder Therapy Manhattan

Language and expression is a key part of communication. It allows us to interact with others and properly address thoughts, feelings and needs. This is especially important in children who rely on parents and guardians to take care of them and provide them with the means with which to live healthily and happily. If a child cannot properly express any concerns, problems or ailments, it can actually be dangerous to their health. Additionally, it can be incredibly frustrating for both parties involved to understand what the other wants or needs. Our Manhattan speech language pathologist is here to help issues exactly like these, and those that are similar. She has over seven years experience working with and treating children wish such disorders and has the experience and know how needed in order to meet each individual child’s needs. Stacey provides personal one-on-one treatment that helps her patients feel comfortable and allows her to get to know each child’s personality, which allows her to provide better and more personalized treatment. Her aim is to work with each child and their family in order to provide the most realistic and optimal speech therapy plan that will adhere to each family’s schedules and desires.

Stacey Miller, SLP is a Manhattan speech language pathologist who aims to provide every patient with the most individualized treatment possible. Not every client’s disorders are exactly the same and every one works and operate in different ways. Stacey aims to find these personal differences and use them to her advantage in order to bring about the most successful change and development in all of the children she treats. Give us a call at 646-525-4817 to learn more about how we can help your child with expressive language disorders and delays.