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Speech Pathology in Manhattan

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Stutter correction in Manhattan

Speech Pathology in Manhattan
Speech Pathology in Manhattan

With the help of our speech pathology in Manhattan, we work with your child to correct problems related to stuttering as well as lisping and other speech issues, together known as articulation disorders. This simply means that we’re concerned with the accuracy with which your child is can form the necessary sounds of consonants and vowels, and keeping those sounds separate so that the words spoken can be understood. Fortunately, Stacey Miller, SLP is highly experienced and skilled at working with children just like yours. With the help of a thorough program designed specifically to benefit your child, goals will be set that are challenging, but at the same time reachable. Steady progress is the goal, and with firm encouragement from Stacey in an environment that is reassuring, the intense work done will yield the needed results.

If your child has been stuttering or stammering, we understand that it can be frustrating. Likewise, if she or he is having problems in producing the appropriate sounds of consonants and vowels, this can also produce difficulties. Stacey will begin with a full evaluation of how your child is speaking right now. This creates a baseline for developing the needed plan for improvement and setting realistic goals to reach. It’s essential to understand that articulation disorders, lisping, and stuttering are not at all uncommon in children of pre-school age. However, if he or she is at least 5 years of age or older, it is a good time to take advantage of our speech pathology in Manhattan.

The first step is in identifying the root causes of the lisping or stuttering so that the situation can be corrected effectively. In the case of most articulation disorders, common causes include oral structure deviations or weak oral musculature, for example. Other reasons can be loss of hearing, auditory linguistic processing disorders, and apraxia of speech. Stuttering can run in families and can be brought on by stress or developmental delays. The sooner such issues are diagnosed and treated, the easier it becomes to prevent them from becoming entrenched habits. That is a big part of our speech pathology in Manhattan.

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