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Children’s Articulation Disorder Treatment in Manhattan

A lisp is described as excessive air escaping through the front of your mouth when producing certain speech sounds. Frontal and lateral lisps can be frustrating to the listener and speaker because of the unfavorable affect it can have on the conversations, or the messages, that the speaker is trying to convey. Speakers with lisps can have speech therapy to correct the lisp, however, it may have not been a major concern when they were children to correct their speech pattern. Therefore, as a child, the therapy techniques given by the school’s speech-language pathologist may not have been followed. Speech pathology in Manhattan is a great option now, and Stacey Miller, SLP can help with lisp treatment and stutter correction.

Language-based Learning Disabilities New York City
Language-based Learning Disabilities New York City

As an adult, you may have experienced the restrictions that a frontal or lateral lisp may have on your communication performance. Having a lisp, or bad stutter, can keep you from getting your dream job, such as, a public speaker, commentator, receptionist, and other professional careers that require speaking to a mass of people. These conditions can even be a deterrent when dating, having a negative impact on your overall communication performance. If this is the case, we highly recommend a consultation with our specialist in speech pathology in Manhattan.

Stuttering is a disruption in the fluency of your verbal expression, characterized by audible or silent, involuntary repetitions of sounds or syllables. These are not smoothly controllable and may be accompanied by other movements, and emotions such as fear, embarrassment, or irritation. Stuttering is a symptom, not a disease, but the term stuttering usually refers to both the disorder and symptom. Developmental stuttering evolves before puberty, usually between two and five years of age. Our speech-language pathologist is well educated and trained to talk about your communication difficulty and how it has prevented you from getting certain jobs. Our expert in speech pathology in Manhattan may recommend a speech evaluation to determine the cause of your communication problem. If you work diligently, speech habits can be changed, as you work towards accomplishing targeted speech goals.