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Speech Therapist in NYC

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Stutter Correction in NYC

Speech Therapist in NYC
Speech Therapist in NYC

If you are looking for an expert speech therapist who can provide stutter correction and lisp treatment for your child, you should contact us at our practice, Stacey Miller, SLP. Our speech therapist in NYC, Stacey Miller has a speech therapy practice that provides speech, language and oral motor therapy for children of all ages.

Children can benefit from seeing a speech therapist in NYC if they need lisp treatment or stutter correction. Our skilled speech therapist has extensive experience treating children with speech and learning disabilities, as well as helping children who need assistance with sensory integration. Our speech therapist provides one-on-one treatment with each of her clients. The goal of our speech therapist is to provide the very best speech therapy services for infants and children up to age 18. Our speech therapist will create a realistic communication plan for each child and family, based on the goals and concerns for each child. Evaluations, treatments, and consultations are always conducted in the comfort and convenience of your own home. One type of lisp that is very common in children is the frontal lisp. This occurs when the S and Z sounds cause the tongue to protrude out through the teeth, causing a sound that more resembles a “th.” This lisp is considered to be developmentally appropriate until the child reaches a certain age. Our speech pathologist will be able to assess your child’s situation and let you know if your child should receive treatment for his or her lisp. If your child is suffering with a stutter, our speech pathologist will be very comfortable working with your child to overcome this problem. Our pathologist has worked with many children who have had problems with stuttering. Our speech pathologist will work with you to develop stuttering therapy goals for your child. She will schedule a time for the therapy which is convenient for both you and your child.

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