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Speech Therapist in NYC

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Speech therapist in NYC
Speech therapist in NYC

For many of us, speech is an important part of how we connect to others every day. It is the way through which we communicate, learn and express our ideas. While it is entirely possible to communicate without actually speaking, it can be difficult to feel confident speaking with a lisp or a stutter. Here with our speech therapist in NYC, Stacey Miller, SLP, you can get the lisp treatment or the stutter correction care that you might want for your child if they exhibit either or both of these attributes while speaking.

Having a lisp or a stutter can be frustrating to deal with. As a person with a lisp or a stutter, you may feel worried that other people do not fully understand what you are saying, are not taking you seriously or that they might make fun of you for your speech impediment. Though these are not nice behaviors for anyone to exhibit towards anyone regardless of how they talk, it is still an unfortunate reality that many people have to deal with from day to day. This can be especially troublesome for kids who can be the target of bullying and ridicule. Not only that, but having difficulty speaking and expressing oneself, regardless of how others treat them for it, can be frustrating on its own. Kids may lack confidence because they feel as if they cannot properly express themselves or explain exactly what they are thinking and feeling. Our speech therapist in NYC, Stacey Miller, SLP can help kids overcome these problems with one-on-one lisp treatment or stutter correction.

Before going ahead with any treatment methods or plans, Stacey Miller, SLP will meet with you and your child in order to get to know you first. Every kid is different and thus every kid learns in a different way, so Stacey Miller will try to find the best approach when it comes to helping your child. If your child has a lisp, stutters, or has any other speech impediment or related issue, our speech therapist in NYC can provide you and your child with the lisp treatment and stutter correction that you are looking for.

A consultation with Stacey Miller, SLP can make all the difference in your child’s speech and language development. Call us today at 646-525-4817 to discover how speech and language therapy can assist your child.