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Stacey Miller, SLP is your local Midtown Manhattan speech therapist, specializing in evaluating and treating children with developmental delays. Stacey Miller is an experienced and trusted speech therapist who works with children from ages 0 to 18. As a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Stacey Miller has nearly a decade of experience treating speech and learning disabilities. It is her passion and life mission to provide one-on-one treatment to all of her clients.

Speech and Language Evaluations Midtown Manhattan

Speech and Language Evaluations Midtown Manhattan

We offer complete and comprehensive speech and language evaluation in order to measure your child’s communication skill level. This includes an oral motor assessment and feeding evaluation, formal and informal testing and observations in all of the child’s environments. When evaluation is complete Stacey will provide you with a complete write-up and recommendation. The next step would be to create a therapy plan that is uniquely designed for each child. Another important component of our approach, which sets us apart from others is that at our Midtown Manhattan speech therapist office we offer individual speech therapy sessions. These one-on-one sessions with Stacey allow us to hone in on a child’s needs. Individual speech therapy sessions are offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions.

There do exist standards with which we measure development, but it is a fact of life that every child will grow and develop skills at his or her own unique pace. That being said, if you are at all concerned about the communication skills of your child, it’s recommended that you seek a language or feeding evaluation and/or consultation from a speech therapist. The early months of a child’s life are critical in the stages of development It is a crucial time for the development of good social skills, emotional growth and intelligence.

As your trusted Midtown Manhattan speech therapist, Stacey Miller SLP offers personalized speech therapy, unique to the needs of your child. We have flexible hours, and as a part of our goal to serve you best, we keep in mind your busy schedule. And for our patients’ convenience, all evaluations, treatments and consultations are conducted in the comfort of your own home.

A consultation with Stacey Miller, SLP can make all the difference in your child’s speech and language development. Call us today at 646-525-4817 to discover how speech and language therapy can assist your child.