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NYC Speech Therapist
NYC Speech Therapist

As you raise your children, we know there are many conditions you need to be aware of, and look for, and staying educated on all phases of development can sometimes propose a challenge.  Getting thorough and well-understood information as early on as possible, not only helps your children learn and develop into unique individuals, but allows other adults and professionals to see what actually makes them the unique beings they are.  Our New York City Speech Therapist, Stacey Miller, SLP, is not only an expert in oral motor therapy, but has over seven years of experience treating sensitive speech and learning disabilities. Occasionally, kids with learning disabilities tend to be wiser, compared to kids of their very own age, while still having a problem in hearing, composing, contemplating, punctuation, and reading among others.  If you feel your child is suffering from a speech or learning disability, it would be best to find a speech therapy professional that can help them as soon as possible.

Our New York City speech therapist has seen some children who have developed extreme sensitivity toward all parts of their mouths, including the lips, tongue and jaw.  For numerous reasons, they feel the use of their mouths is an uncomfortable, often unpleasant task.  As a result, they try to avoid any form of muscle movements of their face and mouth, causing these muscles to become weak, which inhibits their speech production. The end result is the child not able to speak fluently, or unable to pronounce long words, syllables, and phrases.  These children will also often refuse to repeat the same words over and over.  Our New York City speech therapist has found oral motor therapy to be quite beneficial in counteracting these feelings.
Using oral motor exercises as a form of speech therapy, oral motor therapy is used to bring about significant improvement in the oral skills of children. This form of therapy helps to stabilize the jaw, as well as distance the tongue from the jaw, and prevent unnecessary pursing of the lips.  There are very simple activities used in this type of therapy that involve the lips, the tongue and jaw.  To lessen any anxiety your child may experience while undergoing speech therapy, our therapist in New York City incorporates games and toys as effective therapy tools.  This keeps speech therapy fun while improving their skills at the same time.  Oral motor therapy can make speech sound better, but will also help your child, age 3 and above, deal with problems like eating and swallowing, much smother.

A consultation with Stacey Miller, SLP can make all the difference in your child’s speech and language development. Call us today at 646-525-4817 to discover how speech and language therapy can assist your child.