Therapy session in Manhattan NY

Therapy Session in Manhattan NY

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Speech therapy sessions for kids in Manhattan NY

Therapy session in Manhattan NY
Therapy session in Manhattan NY

There are many modes of communication, and each of them are important when it comes to understanding others as well as having others understand us. Kids develop key communication skills as they get older, and there are certain general milestones that children should be reaching at specific ages. If your child is having difficulties reaching these milestones, then they may need to see a speech therapist. Stacey Miller, SLP can provide you with the therapy session in Manhattan NY that you need to assess your child’s specific needs in order to begin getting them help.

Stacey Miller, SLP is an incredibly skilled speech therapist who has over 7 years of experience working with children. She has helped treat children with a variety of speech disorders, learning disabilities, and other children who may be on the spectrum or need help in other ways. She is dedicated to making sure every child receives completely individualized care that is of the utmost quality, addressing their specific needs in a manner that speaks to and resonates with them the most. Offering high-quality speech therapy services to children, ages 0 to 18, Stacey can provide many services, including complete and comprehensive speech and language evaluation, individual therapy sessions for expressive and receptive language delays, feeding difficulties and oral motor delays, articulation, socialization groups, as well as parents and me music classes and sign language course for adults.

Before establishing any kind of treatment plan, Stacey Miller, SLP will meet with you and your child. During this one-on-one session, she will hear all about your testimony as well as interact with your child and ask questions in order to better understand them as well as their needs. Stacey offers individual therapy sessions in 30, 45 or 60 minute intervals for expressive and receptive language delays, oral motor delays and feeding difficulties, as well as articulation. She also has flexible hours so it is easier to work around your schedule, so if you would like to set up a therapy session in Manhattan NY, call when it is the most convenient for you.

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