Treating Pediatric Speech Problems in Manhattan

Speech therapy for children

Treating pediatric speech problems in Manhattan

Treating pediatric speech problems in Manhattan

When your child needs the assistance of a professional in improving spoken communication, you can feel confident in us. Treating pediatric speech problems in Manhattan is what we do. This can include children with hearing loss, from mild to severe; those with autism, down syndrome, or who have expressive and receptive language disorders, articulation errors, motor weakness, feeding difficulties, and learning disabilities. With over seven years of experience, Stacey has the advanced skills to evaluate and treat your child.

Keep in mind that children tend to progress at different rates based on their unique circumstances. There are guidelines, of course, that are used to create a baseline to judge results, but they are not cast in stone. Speech and language typically develop over the course of several years, with various recognized stages up to the age of about six. Treating speech problems in Manhattan means that we cannot say definitively what is “normal” for all children when it comes to speech development. Talking, in particular, varies significantly from child to child. If you have a concern, however, by all means you should bring your child in to see Stacey and be evaluated so that it can be determined she or he will benefit from our speech therapy for children.

As with any issue that relates to your child’s well-being, it is always best to uncover it and address it in a timely fashion. By getting a head start, the odds of getting the best results possible are more clearly in your favor. Though specific results cannot be guaranteed due to the difference of each child’s individual nature, you can enjoy the confidence that Stacey utilizes the most effective methods for treating pediatric speech problems in Manhattan. And because we know that your child is not exactly like every other child, Stacey makes it a point to take into account who he or she is personally, as well as your family. You will not be treated like a number here. And while we understand the impulse to put off calling us, the reality is that actual speech issues do not just go away on their own. And it’s better to know and to deal with it. Remember, we’re here to work with you, as a partner in your child’s speech development.

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